Brookline's CSDA Astronomy Club

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+++Next Stargazing night in Fall of 2008+++

Enjoy your summer off!!  Hope to see you next year.

Hope to see you at Stargazing!!!

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Astronomy Websites To Visit

Astronomy Websites
Astronomy Magazine
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive
Astronomy For Kids
Astronomy Online
Yahoo Search - Astronomy
Kids Astronomy
Eric's Eclipse Pages
Sky and Telescope
Telescope Magazine
Space Weather
Picture Of The Day
Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day
Eric's Eclipse Pages
The Nine Planets
Welcome To The Planets
Zoom Astronomy
BBC Science
The Nine Planets 2
The Nine Planets 3

Books To Read
(all books can be found at the Brookline Public Library in the Children's Room)

''Constellations for Every Kid'' by Janice Vancleave
''Stars and Constellations'' by Dr. Raman K. Prinja
''101 Questions And Answers About The Universe'' by Roy A. Gallant
''Exploring The Night Sky'' by Terrence Dickinson
''The Ultimate Guide To The Sky" by John Mosley Illustrated by Carol Lyon
''The Glow In The Dark Night Sky Book'' by Clint Hatchett Illustrated by Stephen Marchesi
''Night Watch'' by Terrence Dickinson Foreword by Timothy Ferris

Meeting Dates and Stargazing Evenings

The Astronomy Club meets the second Thursday of the month in the science lab at CSDA.  Please be sure to be there on time.  Stargazing will be canceled for the night if there is poor weather conditions.  Mrs. Maghakian will call your house by 5pm or an announcement will be made over the intercom at CSDA at the end of the school day.  Stargazing will take place at the rear of the building.  There is never any no horse play allowed and everyone who comes needs to stay on task at stargazing evenings and at club meetings.

Stargazing Evening Dates

Tuesday Jan. 17, 2006 at 7 pm
Friday Jan 20, 2006 at 7 pm - Download custom Sky chart (PDF) , courtesy of S&T
Wednesday Feb 22, 2006 at 7 pm - Download custom Sky chart (PDF) , courtesy of S&T

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Club Meetings
All Club Meetings are in the science lab from 3:15pm - 4:15pm at CSDA.
Feb. 9, 2006
Mar. 9, 2006
Apr. 13, 2006
CSDA Website

Upcoming Astronomy Events

None scheduled at this time.

What To Look For

Orion Nebula

Things To Bring
Astronomy Journal
Portable Chair

You can contact Mrs. Maghakian by email, Mr. Pauer by email and Senior Pauer by email.

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